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Absence from rehearsal:

Choir members are asked to contact Jonathan Kreamer or Regina Pfohl 24 hours in advance of missing rehearsal.

Jonathan –
Regina –

Dress for concerts:

Unless otherwise informed, choir members should wear the following for concerts:


Black blouse/shirt with modest neck line and 3/4 or full-length sleeves; each singer will also wear a scarf over her arms
Black full length skirt or loose pants
Black hose/tights and shoes
Please SOLID black, no pinstripes, etc.
Discreet jewelery


Black dress slacks
Black button-down dress shirt
Black socks
Black dress shoes


Unless otherwise informed, members are expected to obtain and use their own black folders for concerts; available at Taylor Music or online at various sites.


Please support our fundraising efforts!  We all benefit from being able to employ soloists and orchestras for our concerts.

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